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In today’s Web 2.0 world when every student is online scrapping on orkut, I think it would be very useful if I could post my notice in 3 minutes on an online noticeboard and instantly make it visible to everyone around the campus (even to the fachas who have not yet moved to the campus but are planning to in few days). It is hardly a matter of time before someone will take off my notice or cover it and even if it does happen to survive, it will only be reaching a limited set of audience who has access to that noticeboard.

So what is the solution?

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There are a million student centric sites out there, but none of them really help me solve my daily *needs* as a student (housing, books, tuition, transport, etc). So if I consider myself to be rational, which I believe would be a fair assumption, the cost of putting a notice on my local campus noticeboard does not justify the return, which explains why I do not use it in solving my day to day problems.

Two things:

a) I need to go to (my online campus noticeboard), select my campus* and share my need there by posting a notice and

b) I need to make students around my campus aware of the site so that I can start getting response to my posts.

Crux is that all students have similar needs and the solution to solving those needs lies in nothing else but sharing those needs with each other, so that people with matching needs can find each other (this is what we use *classifieds* for in a newspaper). Maybe if I share my route with people around my campus, I can do a carpool.

And I can go on and on.

If you observe around, the campus noticeboard is the only useful thing that exists for this purpose today. I do not need to print it, I don’t need to walk to college, I don’t need to guard my notice and I don’t need to waste paper. Wow!

So go ahead and share your need now.

Then what do I need to do to solve my problems?


The second option, though tedious, seems to be more reasonable to me why should I pay anyone when all I need to do is just communicate my need to others around the campus and I am sure someone will be able to help me out?

Think about it.

I am looking for a room someone around the campus is probably renting out a room too; all I need to do is find him/her.

I need to sell a book it is very likely that someone around the campus is looking for the same book; otherwise the book seller would not be making money.

I spend 500 rupees on my car fuel everyday commuting to college. He is extremely passionate about his work, and has been involved in every part of this product ranging from conceptualization to development and design to marketing.

Author’s Bio: . The idea was inspired by his experiences at college looking for basic things like accomodation and books (funny what living on the street for a couple of nights does to you). The big question is how do I effectively share my needs with others? Is it the campus noticeboard, is it the newspaper, or something else

Share it and I bet you will find it!

At 23, Peyush is a graduate from McGill University, Canada. To solve these, I still need to go to the middle man (property dealer, college book seller, etc.) who is going to charge me a hefty amount for his services or I need to go around the campus sticking notices so that someone who can fulfill my need can find me.

Do I keep paying the middleman or is there something else I can use? The magic word is It takes quite a lot of effort to write a notice, print it and then stick it on multiple noticeboards around campus and even after putting in all that effort, chance of my notice reaching everyone is quite low. However, its not used as extensively as it could be. Peyush has had experience in working with product development at his job in Microsoft in USA. And the reason is that using the campus noticeboard is not as efficient and effective to justify its use READ MORE

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Have you heard of Chatroulette? Chances are, if you’re older than 30, probably not. But it would be better if the most populous chatroulette users didn’t have one either. It’s a web portal that randomly connects webcam users by opting in anonymously.

A new website, called Chat Roulette Map, has popped up which has cracked the IP code on CR and is compiling a world map of users, without permission, and displaying a screen capture image of their face. Technically.. And that’s a problem.

They do allow complainants to have their pic removed, but you must PROVIDE an identical screen shot to do so!

If you HAVE heard of chatroulette then you are either amused or appalled by the site. Until now.

And parents… Because even a casual perusal turns up a majority of users, mostly men, displaying, at the very least,  their private parts. it might be time to update those parental controls.

Why? Because that means the overwhelming majority of parents of websurfing minors haven’t a clue about a site that is causing a mini-revolution in Social Networking. This is a double edged sword at the very least, but it doesn’t appear that this site is compiling the data for anything other than commercial purposes.

This means that virtually anyone with a web connection and eyeballs can view this site or broadcast over it without fear of reprisal – or arrest. No logins. If you have a webcam, you’re in. You might already be on it.

You do need a webcam to surf the site. Partially because it claims to be “anonymous.” But there’s more.

So watch out CR users. No age check READ MORE

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Hall finalized their divorce on Friday, court documents obtained by the Washington Post confirm. The Dexter costars, who play siblings on the show, wed on New Year’s eve in 2008. 

Carpenter, 31, filed for divorce nearly a year ago, citing irreconcilable differences. . And just because the marriage ended doesn’t mean the love isn’t still there,” she recently told E! News. “We take very good care of each other and our cast — we always have — and I’m just really lucky.”

Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. “I mean, he is and always will be one of my best friends in the world.

PHOTOS: 2011′s biggest splits

PHOTOS: Stars who fell in love on set

They’re done!

Although their romantic relationship is over, the actress still has strong feelings for Hall, 40 READ MORE

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Flooding in Houston started late Friday, stranding about 40 horseplayers and 20 employees overnight at the North Houston track, where a record 18 inches of rain fell.

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HOUSTON — Flooding in Houston last weekend did little to keep diehard race fans from attending the simulcast races at Sam Houston Race Park but did affect betting at a number of racetracks and their offtrack betting parlors that use Sam Houston as a wagering hub. On Saturday, a crowd of 1,913 attended the track on Belmont Stakes Day, defying city officials who urged residents to stay home because Houston was in the state of emergency. The rain caused problems for tracks that use Sam Houston as a wagering hub, as Sam Houston was unable to process bets at certain times over the weekend because of difficulties with its phone system. READ MORE

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Women’s wrestling helps them develop the skill and confidence to protect themselves!

Fitness Benefits Women’s wrestling has some great fitness benefits outside of just being great fun. But there are also car fetishes, book fetishes– you name it there is a fetish for it.

Women’s Wrestling Provides Stronger Bones In Pro Women’s Wrestling, we constantly take what we call “bumps,” or falls to the canvas. The body awareness you acquire is tremendous and carries over into all walks of life and all other sports.

Women’s Wrestling Offers Self Defense And may I also mention self-defense! Lots of women are timid by nature, and that is a beautiful thing, but that can leave them wide open and venerable. Women’s Wrestling Body Awareness And Confidence. The women that indulge in it are smart, competitive, creative and physical gals that love engaging in the challenges that women’s wrestling offers.

Women’s Wrestling? That’s right. Might I say, yes, you’re right. Just what comes natural to all of us, like kids– just wrestle! It’s super fun and aren’t we all just kids anyway?

Yes, women’s wrestling, (also known as female wrestling or girl’s wrestling) like other contact sports, is physically demanding and mentally challenging. It keeps you in excellent shape! Great muscle tone and great cardio! Plus, in this stressful world, it is a wonderful stress reliever! So why not women’s wrestling? Let’s just touch on a few items on health.

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Women’s Wrestling Offers Fetishes I know you might be thinking – Oh, women’s wrestling is a fetish. And why not? Contact sports like women’s wrestling are not for everyone, but the ladies that do it, do it because the love it. Just learning some of the moves is a wonderful confidence builder, knowing that you can take care of yourself and that you have excellent body awareness.

In all the years I’ve been wrestling, it still provides a challenge to stay at the top of my game both mentally and physically, but it’s also just plain fun!. You don’t need pills, video games, or TV. Why do they love it? Well, being that I have been in the sport for over 25yrs, and having made a living from it, I think it is safe to say that I know a thing or two about it.

Women’s wrestling is also a huge confidence builder! Not only with some of the moves, which I call fear moves, but also in knowing that you have trained up and can compete, the confidence built up in engaging in women’s wrestling is a great character builder. The benefits of these bumps are stronger, denser bones, which we all know that women need, especially as they get older.

Women’s Wrestling Offers Stress Relief And again, stress relief! Go pound around on the mat, take some bumps, take someone down or be taken down, wrestle with all your strength, not thinking about anything else, except how to over-power or out-maneuver your opponent, and when it’s all said and done, you’re relaxed, calm, balanced READ MORE

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Karaoke or a Jam session are other great ideas of activities for a picnic. Go back to the good old childhood days and bring back the fun you had then. Go through our list of picnic games for adults, pick the ones you like and prove to yourself that age is no bar for fun and play! Who said it is? So, here you go.

Now wasn’t that a good number of picnic games for you? Picnics are real breathers in the busy life of today. If you are to carry the gear, choose sports which won’t need you to carry bulky equipment. If they have a ground with goal posts, you could consider playing football. Decide where to go and when and also start planning games for the picnic.

This article should help you with the same – picnic games. You could choose any of these outdoor team games considering the availability of space and time. If they arrange for sports equipment for you, you would not have to carry it. Longest, Strongest, Fastest: This category of picnic games can include races and minute-to-win-it kind of games. These games would require you to take the costumes and makeup to the picnic spot though. The one who finishes first is the winner. For example, if they have a net and a ground, all you require to carry is a ball. Not all of them are games per se, but they promise fun. Does it have a swimming pool facility? Then you could think of pool games like mini water polo and balloon fights in water or even swimming. Is this recreation? To some extent, yes, but aren’t there other means to have fun? “There are so many other ways…”, I could almost hear you saying, “…like fun games, picnics, sports and more!” So how about planning a picnic with friends this weekend? Get started then. You have options like these.

The various races you can conduct include:


Sack race

Three-legged race

Hurdles race

Book balancing (who walks the distance balancing a book on his head, without letting it fall)

Balloon blowing (who blows the maximum)

Hula hooping (who keeps it hooping for the longest time)

Rope skipping (who does the highest number of jumps)

Discus throw (whose goes the farthest)

Pie eating contest






You could conduct costume and make up contests in which each participant is supposed to dress up like a particular cartoon character or celebrity in the given time. Entertainers, for example – an activity where each participant gets a chance to do something to entertain the group. Dance, sing, mimic, do stand up comedy, do anything to entertain! A Fun Questions session to start off or a Riddles and Jokes session somewhere in between two games, in the afternoons or at night are great activities for a picnic. Even if we have free time, we prefer spending it in front of the television or surfing the Internet. Check what the picnic spot has to offer. So this one’s an option if you are going on a short trip to a spot close by.

Outdoor Sports for Adults: This category includes team sports and fun games you can play outdoors. Remember that sack race you had won? Or the three-legged race you lost only because your partner was slow? When’s the last time you had blown balloons? At your kid’s birthday party? Remember how you used to gorge on your favorite food when you were a kid? How about an eating contest to test how much you can eat now and how fast! Arrange competitions like these and enjoy being a child again. But then if you plan to include some games for your picnic, you have options like:

Beach volleyball

Frisbee on the beach

Golf (make a little golf course in the sand)

Musical chair (make little pits in the sand for the chairs)

Treasure hunt (the hints and the treasure hidden in the sand!)

Art contests (the sand, your canvas)

Just for Fun: This category includes fun games and team activities you can play for picnics and parties alike. Other fun picnic games for adults include:

Balloon-tossing (participants toss balloons using the chin or the head, not hands)

Simon Says (a variant of the original kids’ game, get naughty with the instructions!)

Shape-up (two teams, one facilitator; he shouts out a number or a letter of the alphabet and teams quickly stand in the shape of what is announced)

Guess Who (each participant is tagged with a famous personality name that’s stuck to his back, he guesses who he is by asking questions). If you are traveling to a resort, check for the sports facilities it has. For a sport like golf, you would need the picnic spot to have a golf course. Sports can include:

Such couch potatoes we have become. So plan a picnic to some exciting place, choose some good games to play at the picnic and have fun.

Who wouldn’t like going on a beach? Yes, building sand castles, strolling on the shore, basking in the sun and playing in water are favorites among things to do on a beach vacation READ MORE

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